Second audiovisual exhibition in Łódź, Poland



An audiovisual experience by Nikola Ilievski.

Representing young queer culture through the monotonous Skopje landscape. The screening will consist of work collected for the past year and a half. Street photography, fashion editorials, month-long photo documentations, and more.

For everyone interested in more information about the event and content, use the following links:

Free entry.


Nestvarnost to doświadczenie audiowizualne przygotowane przez Nikole Ilievskigo.

Projekt reprezentuje młodą kulturę queer poprzez monotonny krajobraz Skopje. Pokaz składa się z prac zebranych przez ostatnie półtora roku (wśród nich fotografia uliczna, moda i inne).

Wszystkich, którzy są zainteresowani większą ilością informacji o wydarzeniu i o tym co będzie jego treścią zapraszamy do kliknięcia na poniższe linki:


Interview with Bible Girl


“Thanks to the internet, queer life is getting more and more connected. The LGBT community has more freedom to learn about new things, artists and personalities who represent the community in a very positive and accepting way. Zack Ryan, also known as BibleGirl666, is one of those faces. Thanks to his positive, conscious, real and humorous internet presence, people get to have a good laugh and enjoy his performances. I had the opportunity and honor to ask him a couple of questions from the perspective of a young person living in an unaccepted country with very limited freedom. Read what he has to say below.”

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