In Retrospect.

In Retrospect.

Without further adieu, I give you a selection of everything that I’ve worked on this year.

As December slowly passes by, I can’t help but feel so thankful for all of the projects that I’ve involved myself in, all of the new friends I’ve made, all of the traveling I did, and everything in between.


To start off I’m going to talk about my publications. My work [music and photography] has been featured in several mediums this year, which made me feel very excited and thankful.

It’s always amazing to see people being interested in what I do, especially since my work revolves around making statements through the world of the audiovisual.

VICE Serbia featured a public archive of my photography and music. Unfortunately, the article is currently only available in Serbian, but you can see the select pictures and playlist by clicking here.

This City Knows is a local Macedonian medium which is a virtual collection & memoir of public spaces, urban realms, and environments. The public archive I just talked about got featured on there too. It is available in English and you can read all about it by clicking here.

Pirej, a fresh and new local site that puts its main focus on art and culture made a spread about my work as well. It is available in English. To read, click here.

KALTBLUT Magazine featured one of my fashion spreads for a local agender clothing brand. See & read here.

Reborn, a local arts & culture site featured MASC – An all-girl gang photoshoot making a statement about the validity of the term masculinity in 2017. See here.

Reper, a local arts & culture service interviewed me about my audiovisual project “Nestvarnost”. It is available in Macedonian but an English translation is coming soon. Read here.


In 2017 I did several interviews with some pretty amazingly inspiring people. Some of which:

BibleGirl666 – A NYC drag artist, currently conquering the world. Read here.

Krzysztof Candrowicz – An international curator, art director, researcher and educator from Poland. Read here.


This year I got the incredible opportunity work and live in another country, more specifically Łódź, Poland. Not only did I do a lot of soul-searching – I also met an overwhelming amount of amazing and inspiring people who have inspired me to live my best life.

I would like to thank KobieTY, a local Polish NGO that gave me that opportunity.

Boat Of Culture is what we worked on – an international festival calling for the acceptance of the foreign community.

Łódź was the place where I held my first exhibition as well. You can read about the event and see photos by clicking here.

You can also check out my photography during these two months as well by clicking here.


My art is my activism.

My work, my photography, and music is a statement and serves as a reflection of living in the region that I’ve grown up and currently live in.

I had the opportunity of attending my first ever pride, and it was in Prishtina, Kosovo. You can see the photos I took on that day here.


Even though this has been a long time coming, I finally got round to releasing music for the first time this year. I released two EPs, a mixtape, only of which one of the EPs, “Mortal”, is available for streaming on my SoundCloud.

This is because I realized that my other work needs improvement. Reworks of some of my older tracks are probably going to come out next year, but, if interested, you can stream my debut EP titled “Idle” by clicking on the title. You can also hear a collection of B-Sides by clicking here.

You can stream “Mortal”, a body of work that I’m very proud of below.

For more about my music, click here.


I am very happy to announce that 2017 was the year of many photo-related projects.

You can see my photography on my Tumblr, which I no longer update, and on my website, which is right here.

Another place where you can get frequent updates about my work is through my Instagram.


This year I released my debut short film titled “Stvarnost”, which is a collection of clips I took during my month-long photo-project “00:00“. Watch the art-documentary here.

Lastly, I’m going to close this year off with my “[0000]” exhibition, which is a non-profit charity event, meant for collecting funds for a financially unstable family of 14.

Thank you to all of my collaborators and supporters who have helped make this year full of unforgettable moments.

May 2018 bring you light.

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