Xposed Project #9: Learning to Live

Unfortunately, one of the two main things that every new millennial gets to learn the hard way are the two basics: all people come with various expiration dates, and putting effort into things gives your life purpose.

Strangely enough, life doesn’t really come with a purpose out of the box. I guess God if existing, forgot to include that in the shipping bag. Realizing this fact usually comes with lots of side-effects, like depression, paranoia, or developing different coping mechanisms that may or may not be good for you.

It takes so much time to realize that our existence isn’t really based upon anything, except for random evolution. We obsess over things that didn’t even exist a few years ago. Every new generation brings something new to the table. Everything is happening so fast and we are so incredibly used to it.

Basically, if you asked me, all of our life patterns are exactly the same, and it takes something really extraordinary to happen for it to stand out. All of us have the same emotions and the only difference between us are the different experiences that have triggered us to feel.

There is really no sugar-coating when it comes to mortality. You either accept it or you live in fear of dying because you’re not doing the things you feel you need to do. Maybe you’ve been badly hurt in the past or are just afraid, but either way, the never-ending process of living doesn’t stop to wait for you.

Neither does time.

When it comes to expiration dates, every single one of us comes with a couple. We get to meet so many people, regardless of if we want it or not. Sometimes we think that something is going to last forever, but sometimes we aren’t that lucky as well. I’m still having a hard time absorbing that fact. And the strange thing about this is the fact that the people that I miss didn’t really influence me to do anything beneficial for myself and my overall life.

I am having a hard time realizing what is it that I miss. And it’s unfortunate that my expiration date came right before realizing that. Either way, at least I don’t feel as bad anymore. The only problem I’m currently experiencing is the need to be vulnerable. Even though I’m aware It’s probably the best for me, I’m still trying to come to terms with accepting and practicing my vulnerability.

I guess I have plenty of time to forgive and forget, as well as heal. But please consider staying away from me – If you feel like you don’t have something positive and constructive to offer, please stay away from me.

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